diverse and independent by choice

Frankly, we don't take every case that comes along.  We carefully choose our cases to attempt to insure the best representation and experience for our clients.  We keep our case load at a level that allows us to maximize individual attention and personal contact.  We select cases that have a factual basis of interest to us and to which we believe our brand of individualized attention will produce a winning result.


A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.
Robert Frost

  here before you need us

We develop a relationship with our clients that extends beyond a single case. We're the law firm of choice for many individuals and companies before they need us.  We familiarize ourselves with their situations and stand by to provide legal counsel as needed.  Whether it be a quick phone call regarding a small matter or a complex situation requiring immediate legal action, your inquiries by phone, letter or email are welcome.



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